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Rachel Colenso
She is a highly successful business speaker and her speeches have inspired many delegates to take back key messages to motivate their teams at international management conferences in various countries. She has captivated audiences as a keynote speaker in national road shows and she has encouraged smaller organisations to excel beyond their expectations!

She has an impressive list of clients who have endorsed her speaking and supported her numerous adventurous expeditions for charitable causes. Over 80 % of her current client base is from repeat bookings or direct word of mouth contact from clients.

Rachel masters dramatic story telling, taking command of the stage and compelling her audiences to climb with her through windswept icy mountains, to experience the danger and the trialling team interactions, the calls for strong leadership in tough ‘life or death’ moments as well as the joy of realising hard earned success.
With her incredible story and her natural charisma in delivering these keynotes to her audience (confirmed by the overwhelmingly positive feedback for each event), Rachel walks the walk. She is authentic and well informed with the ability to convince and articulate key messages with a clear business ‘headset’.

Rachel’s ability to move seamlessly between the different worlds is assisted by having run her own business alongside competing at an international level in extreme sports events, toppled with her longstanding experience in the speaking industry.

She has led numerous expeditions to jungle, desert and snowy regions around the globe. She is also the first woman to succeed in the African Mountain Guides Scheme.

Rachel’s book, ‘In a High and Desperate Place’ was converted into a highly successful drama documentary re-enactment for Discovery Channel, with over 25 million viewers so far.  Her book provides useful information for business or life on to survive and succeed in times of extreme adversity.
Rachel was also a 'Super Human' finalist in the UK Channel 4 television series.
Rachel is skilled in inspiring teams to work synergistically and resourcefully, creatively nurturing opportunities for success.

“Rachel’s tales of survival in the most hostile environments, and her relentless pursuit of new heights to climb, literally and figuratively, have a lot of resonance in the business world. Whether the goal is to reach the peak of a mountain or the pinnacle of entrepreneurial accomplishment, the lessons Rachel puts forth apply just the same. The path to success in virtually any field comes down to a basic set of requirements: Determination, discipline, mental and physical fortitude and accepting nothing less than excellence. Rachel drives those points home from a very unique perspective. She is a powerful motivational speaker.”
Walter Gehl, CEO LSG Lufthansa Service Holding AG:

Dear Rachel

What an amazing experience with you there! Nobody else could have reached our audience better than you. Your message was so incredibly personalised and truly touched hearts. I have received fabulous feedback and many complements regarding your presentation and for this I want to sincerely thank you. The quality that I appreciated the most about you (other than your amazing insight, humbleness, courage and passion for life), is the fact that you really took to heart what we discussed during our telecon and how you structured your presentation to optimise the reach to our people who find themselves in times of difficult change. You have left them behind with hope and a lasting impression.

Thank you also for the lovely manner in which you participated in the handing out of the certificates and signing of the books

Kind regards
Tomé van Wyk, Internal Communication Specialist
Wealth, Investments Momentum

‘It was a great pleasure to work with Rachel across South Africa with the launch of our “See No Boundaries” campaign.

There is absolutely no question that you “struck the right cord” with our audience and left them inspired, motivated and reflective of their own life, where perhaps they remain in the ruts of life’s daily challenges that often drag them down. I spent a lot of time during your presentation looking at your audience where I could see that they were glued to your message of overcoming obstacles and your own personal journey of self development and growth. Seemingly in Cape Town, you even left some of our staff in tears of inspiration!

Thank you for a few days of motivation and I look forward to working with over the next few months to help us reach our business objectives in our “See No Boundaries” Challenge.’
Kevin Hinton, Head of Investment Distribution,
Momentum Distribution Services