Monde Sitole
In 2009, he was chosen to take part in the Pangea Mike Horn Young Explorers Camp which took place in Switzerland from November – December. The participants were lectured on nature conservation, world affairs and responsible adventure. The name ‘Pangea’ resonated throughout the camp; the fundamental building block for the event.

(Pangea was the name for the last super continent that existed almost more than 250 million years ago – according to scientific discoveries. The name is also a metaphor for the union of young people of the world, joining to remove all misconceptions and working towards solutions battering our earth).

Monde was part of the first few adventurers who were chosen to share their stories at the Artscape in 2011.

He has climbed Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa as well as Mount Elbrus – the highest peak in Europe. He has also climbed Mount Denali (the highest peak in North America) as well as Aconcagua in Argentina (the highest peak in Southern America – the second highest of the Seven Summits). Monde is preparing for his ‘caravan of dreams’ expedition which is to scale all fourteen peaks of the Himalayas.

Great African Ascents

When Monde returned from camp, he opened up an NGO – ‘Great African Ascents’ which focuses on nature conservation and youth development through mountaineering. His intentions were to provide an alternative to youth who are “bombarded with the unfortunate burden of living in the townships; where youth can lose the capacity to dream because of life with poverty and disappointments.”

The organization held camps every Friday and Sunday which provided the youth with an tangible experience so that they would learn to appreciate nature.

In the future, Great African Ascents plans to open an indoor rock climbing wall and wellness centre which will be situated in Khayelitsha and to plan consistent camps across South Africa (and ultimately Africa) to expand the horizons of young people and simultaneously creating healthy and open minds that will benefit in the building of a positive society.