Dr Graeme Codrington

Dr Graeme Codrington is an expert on the future of work. A researcher, author, futurist, presenter and board advisor, Dr Codrington works across multiple industries and sectors.

He has a particular interest in disruptive forces changing how people live, work, interact and connect with each other.

He has spoken internationally to over 100 000 people in more than 25 different countries every year and his client list includes some of the world’s top companies. CEO’s invite him back time after time to share his latest insights and to help them (and their teams) gain a clear understanding of how to successfully prepare for the future.

Graeme is the co-founder and the international director of TomorrowToday, a global firm of futurists and business strategists. He is also a guest lecturer at four top business schools, including the London Business School, Duke Corporate Education and the Gordon Institute of Business Science. He has five degrees, including a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA), a Masters in Sociology and other professional degrees in Accounting, Arts, Theology and Youth Work.

He has four best-selling books published by Penguin, including the award-winning, ‘Mind the Gap’ and ‘Future-Proof Your Child’. He writes regularly for the NewWorldofWork.co.uk blog, for numerous magazines and journals and he is regularly called upon for comment by the media.

Graeme’s breadth of knowledge and expertise makes him highly relevant in today’s rapidly evolving business world. Along with his formal qualifications and research credentials, he has a wide range of business experience.

He did Chartered Accountancy articles at KPMG, he was involved in an IT startup , he has been a professional musician, a strategy consultant and he is now a full-time speaker, facilitator and author.

Without a doubt, he is one of the world’s top-rated speakers. He speaks and facilitates at over 100 conferences, strategy sessions and meetings, averaging more than 20 countries and over 100 000 delegates every year.

With a unique conversational style that combined cutting-edge graphics and multimedia with solid, researched content (all wrapped in gently rebuking humor), Graeme is able to both inform and inspire and he can connect with audiences at all levels and functions.

What does Graeme speak about?

He speaks about the future world of work. His research and background have a strong emphasis on technology, demographics, strategy and innovation.

His goal is to help his clients – as individuals and organizations – to understand the forces that are changing the world and to learn how to proactively prepare for the future.

Graeme will work with you to customize his content and approach for your event and your audience.

He has presented in over 50 countries and he is known for his ability to work with people from diverse countries and cultures.