Estienne de Beer

He is the author of 'Boosting Your Career - Tips From Top Executives' and the forthcoming book 'How to Survive your Big Bad Boss'. Estienne headed up the Training & Leadership Development of a Fortune 100 Company's South African operations and served as a Leadership Development resource for the African and Middle East Operations.

Unlike many motivational speakers, Estienne de Beer first cut his teeth in a long corporate career. In 2000, Estienne was presented the Management Excellence Award, the same year in which the Financial Mail awarded the company he was working for, the title of one of the top 3 companies in South Africa.

Estienne's personal centre of influence includes a network of accomplished business leaders and conference speakers worldwide. He has consulted to a number of well-known organizations, focusing strongly on leadership development and presentation skills. Estienne de Beer has published people development articles in various national and international business magazines during his career as a travelling motivational speaker.


This highly inspirational one hour talk and slide show for the business world will empower you into African wild life where there is no latitude for underperformance, and where implementation and shared learning is the only way of survival. Our challenges in the marketplace fade in comparison to what these charismatic little creatures have to conquer on a daily basis. This riveting presentation is the real-life story of wild Meerkats and how business can benefit from their extraordinary example and teamwork...

Estienne's comparison of marketplace challenges to carnal survival causes the everyday problems faced by corporates to seem small and inspiringly surmountable.

Challenging principles and true-to-life workplace parables, Estienne de Beer invigorates and engages his audience, keeping them hanging on his every word!

 Estienne is a Motivational, Professional, Conference speaker and can perform Team Building for Sales and executives.