Steve Barnett

Imagine the conductor not uttering a word, yet speaking volumes – about leadership, communication, co-operation and synergy… imagine a learning experience more powerful than words …

Imagine the value to a conference, of everyone having one vision, one idea, one beat, being in one focus and working with united energy …

An organization is like an Orchestra. As the Silent Conductor, Steve’s compelling presentation gives a hands-on musical experience of being a significant part of a powerful unit.

Steve developed a unique non-verbal approach to group events. Every member of the audience plays an instrument and so becomes an integral part of an interactive, rhythmic encounter that crosses all language and cultural barriers.

Whether participants are accomplished musicians or complete novices, they become united, motivated and inspired.

Using facial expressions and body language as his basic communication tools, Steve allows his audience to discover the power of co-operation with his ‘Basic Rules of Engagement’:

1.    Actions speak louder than words
2.    Make work serious fun
3.    Use the power of one to one
4.    Smile, make eye contact, listen
5.    Encourage the good stuff
6.    Demonstrate belief in people


Steve Barnett is one of a kind Motivational, Inspirational, After Dinner and Women's Day Speaker