Ian Thomas

Ian spent eight years at Londolozi Game Reserve and went on to open his own company as a business consultant and public speaker.  He has consulted to many major corporations in South Africa (see list further on) and has appeared as a guest speaker in the UK, Canada, Germany, France, England, Belgium, Holland, Australia and the USA.  He has written a book, ‘The Power of the Pride’ (see end), and is a frequent guest on radio and television talk shows.  Ian has featured in many local and international management magazines, and is also one of South Africa's foremost wildlife photographers.

Ian Thomas addresses these issues:

* Team Building
* Facing formidable challenges

Ian Thomas delivers fascinating presentations on Teambuilding, using wonderful slides illustrating the life and habits of the Lion Pride and how they benefit from high productivity due to 'teamwork'.  Using this unique method of relating business to wildlife scenarios, Ian also covers subjects such as 'Adapting to Change' and 'Strategy for Survival'.


"The Strength of the Pride is the Lion, The Strength of the Lion is the Pride” This presentation discusses facets of a lion pride and their use of teamwork for survival. Ian draws an analogy of this to business and teamwork and shows how teams can benefit from implementing their tactics.  Factors discussed include:

  •     A Common Goal
  •     Focus on that Goal
  •     Mutual Respect
  •     Knowledge of the Strengths and Weaknesses of Team Members
  •     Success Linked to Incentives


Virtually everyone is facing formidable challenges; many find themselves in difficulty. History has clearly shown that doing little or nothing and hoping to ride out the storm can be disastrous. It is also likely that real opportunities exist; in order to grasp these, courageous choices and proactive strategies need to be implemented. The first step in this process is to make the choices and ensure that everyone fully understands their role in the rapid and efficient execution of the strategy.

It is widely accepted that the best way to cement such principles in people's minds is via the skillful telling of relevant stories; Ian has a proven track record in this regard.

While working as a guide at Londolozi, a game lodge in South Africa, Ian and his tracker Phineas faced a life threatening situation when they were tasked with tracking an extremely aggressive lion on a daily basis. Initially they were in crisis mode, but then made some crucial decisions that were rapidly implemented. This changed everything and Ian, Phineas, and the lodge went from strength to strength.

He also has a business degree and believes that within this story are many powerful lessons that businesses caught in difficult times could learn and thrive on. This has resulted in a presentation that is content driven, but also contains humour, stunning photographs, threatening growls, and a story telling style that is so physical that he is forced to warm up before he starts.

Some of the principles that are highlighted in this presentation:
·    Make the difficult choices, doing nothing is dangerous.
·    The goal must be crystal clear and the method of achieving it completely understood.
·    You need people who are exceptional at what they do; everyone involved must be highly skilled, involved, and motivated: no passengers: no pretenders.
·    Vastly improved results must be rapidly achieved with the same or less costs: work smarter, work harder.
·    New sources of competitive advantage must be actively sought.
The presentation will illustrate that a crisis can be a powerful motivator and has the potential to lift the performance of both the individual and the business.


  •     Sanlam
  •     IBM
  •     Hewlett-Packard
  •     Murray and Roberts
  •     Grinaker Construction
  •     Wooltru
  •     Nedbank
  •     Transvaal Cricket Team
  •     Springbok Rugby Team
  •     And many more...


  •     MUSE (US hospital software group)
  •     TMI (UK)
  •     Glynwed Metals (UK)
  •     Bachrach (US)
  •     Cisko (Europe & UK)
  •     Eagle Star (UK)
  •     Canada Life (UK & Canada)
  •     Sigma (Australia)
  •     Colonial (Australia)